Escape to an uncharted planet and build it into whatever you want. Craft, farm, and explore in a world full of untapped potential!

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A grand adventure on an unknown planet — how fantastic!

Kokopa’s Atlas sees our titular Kokopa joined by his faithful co-adventurer Pollimero, a biodroid skilled in all things exploration (“More than an advanced vacuum cleaner!”, reads the maintenance hatch).

After crashlanding on a new planet unknown to all who previously passed by this sector of the galaxy, Kokopa and Pollimero soon realize their plight. With a ship that’s too damaged to resume flight (What else would you expect? They crashed from outer space!), Kokopa and Pollimero set out to see what adventures they can find. Join them and explore a world full of beautiful landscapes, quirky characters, and untold secrets.


An uncharted world means uncharted potential! Craft, farm, build – the possibilities for adventure are unlimited. Join both Kokopa and Pollimero in exploring every nook and cranny, discovering wild new creatures, foraging for exotic foods, and so much more.

Ready to take a break from hiking through new lands? Toss your PortaPop Inc. capsule anywhere you choose to pop up your tent (“PortaPop Tents! Home is where you place it!”) and enjoy the scenery at your own pace. Create your tidy garden (or a more expansive farm!) and sow a variety of seeds. Harvest your crops and maybe a nearby resident will buy some off of you. And don’t forget to decorate your home with new furniture!

Best of all, find any spot you can imagine to relax. Scenic landscapes, wide open plains, by the waterfront – wherever you wanna be, you can find it in this new paradise.

An Adventurer’s Best Friend!

Because it's dangerous to go alone


The perfect companion for any self-respecting explorer.

This plump, personable, squeezable biodroid packs an arsenal of gadgets that make it a veritable omnitool for adventurers of all sorts!

Pollimero Can Craft!

We don’t know how they did it, but Pollimero contains a top-tier crafting system allowing you to create any number of tools, equipment, and décor! Best of all, everything is dispensed in nifty PortaPop Inc. “PortaPop Capsules” for lightweight and convenient storage!

Pollimero Can Find Resources!

The bright red bulb on top of Pollimero’s head? It’s the finest topographic scanner on this side of whatever nebula you’re closest to! Valuable resources (and sometime dangers!) seem to be scattered all around, and Pollimero will help discover and catalog each of them in an extensive database.

Pollimero Can Learn!

An extensive network of intricate circuitry provides Pollimero the ability to scan resources and automatically devise blueprints to create with them. The more you discover, the more Pollimero can help craft!


The multi purpose beam tool for the authentic camper of the future.

Previous editions allowed explorers to extract resources at a speed never seen before, but for the first time ever, the Beam39X now enables you to perform basic farming tasks. 11 out of 10 space farmers recommend the MP-Beam39X over any of its competitors. And that’s not a suspicious 110%!

Definitive Resources Collector!

The MP-Beam39X emits a beautiful gamma ray (look, don’t touch!). When in range of a resource, initiate the extraction process to begin scrambling atoms and – voila! – the resource materializes before you. Amazing! (We don’t really understand how it works.)

Till The Land!

Put away that dirty old shovel. The Beam39X’s powerful beam helps you prepare the soil for planting any seeds you gather. Growing your own orchard has never been so easy!

Terraform Like a Pro!

Build it up, or drop it down! Make your home look how you want, inside and out, when you terraform the surrounding landscape. Beautiful scenery you’ve always wanted, now in the palm of your hands!

A lot of things are being planned to carry out this crazy adventure!

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Kokopa's Atlas by Rafael Martín a.k.a. HyperMegaPixel

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